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indefinite term though we could leaks founder julian assange for months when the editor could dorrian embassy in london saying he's ready to remain day long even if the sex crime allegations against him dropped still fieri extradition to the u.s. . president obama is giving a milestone speech in berlin with his visit overshadowed by recent revelations about america's massive internet snooping on germany and other european targets. and a series of laws that an ammunition depo rocks a small town in central russia killing one person and injuring over forty more.
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liable from moscow this is r g with more international news and that assumes and reports we can leaks founder julian assange on chazan left the ecuadorian embassy in london in a year and says he's prepared to stay longer even if sex crimes allegations he's facing in sweden not dropped a front for his extradition to the united states where he has angered officials by publishing washington secret documents but details on the whistleblower of the year long confinement has artie's her for it. well it's been one year since julian a son's first walks up of the ecuadorian embassy here in knightsbridge in london now the wiki leaks founder had sought asylum after the u.k. supreme court refused to really pin his appeal against extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning over allegations by two women
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a sexual offenses allegations which he denies but it's been one year but if the end any nearer in sight and does julian the son still is all being worth it we very rarely get a glimpse exactly what goes on behind these tools and we've been able to speak to julian assange himself to find out how he's feeling one year old. every day that we've reviewed our principles we truly. consider this when i was in solitary confinement. prison here. for. my. course it is worth one month and of course. for a while your ability to work very important to keep your ability to act in various ways and i have kept my ability to run the organization preserves its ability to adapt. to the struggles but i'm very comfortable and happy with where
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accomplished and i'm sure history. started and used to have a very very. well the other day and feeling the sun. by the balcony behind me with those foreign minister he's been visiting with him ahead of his meeting with his u.k. counterpart william hague's nazi with us to the press conference held by acquittals foreign minister immediately also with the ecuadorian government will continue to ensure the truly keeps receiving the protection we're giving him under asylum in our country protecting his personal integrity and particularly his freedom of expression his confinement continues but the wiki leaks founder hasn't. he's made numerous appearances throughout the world's media and of course continue to make sure that his messages support for whistle blows continue to be heard and perhaps even providing inspiration for some of the most recent high profile whistle blows
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in fact speaking recently about the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden today in a song he wrote indeed many of you to describe to me in a song. by the way in the edison expose a forger learned of financial operations at a south african company l├ęgion ned to eleven years ago she joins us live to tell us more about her experience as a whistleblower wendy if you get here it's good to have you with us on our what consequences i did you suffer after releasing a company details. is that question for me yes wendy are you can you hear us you live on r t. i can hear it's a very distorted law and so i'm going to do my best to answer the questions as you ask them fantastic you were a whistleblower to what kind of consequences did you suffer. ok are i believe the whistle in the year two thousand in what's known as the
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biggest corporate connection south african history. i suffered some dire consequences as a result of telling the truth and one of them was really intriguing into a war of attrition with the individuals that had. done the corrupt deals. and i lost my job from that company. and i received a number of death threats that were all anonymous mainly through telephonic conversations but also through e-mail. and ultimately i felt that it was necessary to leave south africa and put myself and my twelve year old son into exile in the united kingdom which is what we did. when he exiled in england now death threats was this all worth it at the end of the risk of you being this being a whistleblower was the risk much higher than actually what you had to face. was it
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worth doing it. was it worth doing it is that what you're asking yes. yes indeed i think that it is always worth telling the truth i think we've all got to get used to thinking in a different way and that's about building the future on the truth and not the illusion of lies and deceit without a fun deshaun of truth we cannot build the future of any country or society going forward so i feel from a whistleblower standpoint it's always important to blow the whistle on something that's involving deceit. do you think that most people would be discouraged of sharing the truth given how whistleblowers are being treated. i think they i think they are i think the feedback that i've got personally but i think also in the community at large of the society at large people are discouraged by the way
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will still blows are treated i think the something to be said for the the the moral courage and the bravery of a whistleblower that they're still prepared to come forward was with the trees and speak out against wrongdoing. when he just one last question julian assange has now been in there could during the embassy for a year do you think you'll get out of free men any time soon so i know that he's been in ecuador embassy for four years now what was your follow up chris do you think that he'll get out soon. i hope that he gets out soon because i think the individual that he is an insurance and. and the commitment that he's demonstrated to just thirty is an individual that we want back in out in our community and back into our society so they can help make the changes that we need to to the current status of the world. when the edison the whistleblower who expose
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the fraud and to thank you very much just to tell all our viewers at home that we just had a little bit of technical difficulties but we were able to make it through that interview with wendy another whistleblower who is sharing her experience with us on r.t. . blockaded by britain i am here today because i cannot be there. our son our year of asylum plenty of stories i have for you later on a including a row over the peace in afghanistan the president karzai job security talks with the u.s. after washington looks to the taliban for reconciliation more analysis on the situation coming up in several minutes time. nuclear arms reduction the changes in the arab world and threats of terrorism barack obama's a touching
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a range of issues in his keynote speech in berlin he's visiting the german capital for the first time as u.s. president but apparently not enjoying a welcome as a warm as he did when he was a kind of there back in two thousand and eight with the revelations of the n.s.a. as a sweeping global surveillance the euphoria over his politics and promises just isn't there anymore as our t.s.p. to all of our reports. five years ago when barack obama came here to berlin he was welcomed with a regal reception treated as the great new hope for a better future well five years old and five years of drone wars whistle blow is continuing economic strife as well seeing barack obama receive a very different reception we've seen demonstrations outside. the eavesdropping that's being going on particularly the prison here in germany germany was one of the country's worst affected by this snooping into a phone calls and e-mails the country appeared is already on the map of nations
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that are being investigated now this is prompting a lot of people to come out under the slogan yes we scan and a parody of barack obama's election promise of yes we can when he came to power those years go nuts talk to me a little bit more about just why the reaction is being very different time i told by. parts of the free bradley manning network thank you very much for talking to me why is it a different reception to president obama's receiving this time i think to say in the second term we expected a greater transparency and the fact that he had said that he would go against the wiretapping and surveillance of americans and some exactly the opposite and i think it's a scandal because it's a taboo in the german society the surveillance generally after their experience with totalitarianism and yeah i think it's really important i'm glad that this is now become a global scale and just not the american citizens that seem to be target it's actually all of us in the middle. term sample you know it's not just day to
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protectionism issue forward demonstrates is what else is the. are you wanting to bring to the u.s. president show that you know happy with what he's doing i just think that these attacks of on free and free speech on the fourth amendment on the press and the attacks that he's had on the press exchange rising and these people and these. aiding the enemy when the protections of sources and so forth and that no longer have no longer whistleblower protection for the us i think this is an aberration i think these are the things that we should be bringing to light and say no it's just not acceptable for. the ongoing hunger strike at guantanamo bay prison has a good across germany during president obama's visit protests of the wearing orange jumpsuits call for detainees to either be formally charged or released and on top as a demonstration there's also been stage for two for men activists who detained by riot police it's being told they were calling on him to intervene over the draining of
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the group's activists in tunisia last month obama help with a message written across the board. by still to come iraq obama's each ship started with the g eight summit in northern ireland away world leaders are back to peace talks in syria with a final statement having no call for president assad to leave well we've got the details just ahead. one man has died and at least forty one injured in a series of blasts and a fire at an answer to pour in central russia witnesses are now reporting fresh explosions. over six thousand people have been evacuated from the small town of just pious go where the first the blast went off one choose to a night of the town is still in a state of emergency arches marouf a national is following the the situation. around two thousand people are now
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involved in the operation at the scene rescuers finance munition expiries helicopters and tanks have been used as well but despite all the efforts unfortunately it looks like that blaze still continues the rescues have only managed to stop the fire from spreading it's not contained but again it's a huge area on fire almost impossible to get in for rescuers right now because of. possibility for the explosions but yes a little to do with the war snoozes that explosions are continuing we've been here and have a blast happened just recently and this is actually the war scenario the officials have extracted because as you know the incident happened at the site where two eighteen. to repeat have been stored at the time when explosion happened when a well it's very hard to actually predict right now how dangerous the situation make turn but it's clear that no one can say when or if the next blast may occur
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and to the really a chance that they haven't had any moment and people could be heard of course the situation in the entire mission right now is very dangerous for rescuers lives we've been receiving we do from witnesses on the ground with the black smoke and again have you have explosions and people who are actually in this area got used to all kind of incidents there live in a near side. right and by the situation you have to multiply all those you can see on these videos by tiny pieces of exploded child's flying all over horror movie actually it's very dangerous. i'll be back with more news shortly to stay with. dangerous experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have these
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healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. to deadly pills to get in the subway he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him get. his pharmacy really about helping people.
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welcome back thanks for staying with us here on our team the shaky peace process in afghanistan is under threat of present cause i suspending talks with the u.s. on a new security deal the move comes in response to washington's e.u. turned decision to open direct negotiations with the taliban their first formal meeting will take place in the militant organizations new offices in qatar on thursday only always up to say if they're waiting for talks with the us the taliban claimed responsibility for. a deadly assault on an american airbase the latest in a string of a terrorist attacks we know afghan forces have taken the lead of the country's security paving the way for the u.s. is complete pull out in twenty forty let's get more analysis from phyllis bennis of
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from the institute for policy studies are joining us live in los and like other two sides have very different object is from the start is it actually a road to peace. this is the only possibility for peace negotiations that have any chance at all but of course it's going to be a very difficult one as you say the two sides there really are three sides have very different agendas going in president obama in his speech in the g eight summit talked about how we see an afghan led afghan owned process meaning for him the afghan government had to be involved but of course the actual process is not involving the afghan government it's directly between the united states and the taliban so there's a difference there between what he said and the actual plan for the taliban they clearly have goals that go far beyond negotiating over conditions in afghanistan with the united states they also see the opening of this new office in doha as
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a way of opening up to the rest of the world ending their isolation perhaps i think that's one of their major goals every want to sorry i was going to say having said that the taliban also never said they would stop fighting despite the green men to negotiate why isn't washington demanding that at least they suspend their attacks well i think if they did they would have to suspend their own attacks you know the taliban position is very much a reflection of what was the semiofficial position of the united states during the negotiations with vietnam after nine hundred seventy three in the henry kissinger red peace process so-called where the us talked about how we will negotiate as if there were no war and we will fight as if there were no negotiations this is what the taliban are doing neither side has agreed to start fighting the taliban is not the u.s. and russia so i think the one who gets left out of the cold here is the karzai government and of course there is a serious problem for karzai because and he has come back against the united states
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and said we're canceling talks not only around these doha processes but we're canceling talks with the united states over the stationing of troops. after twenty four that becomes very important because the model year is iraq where the inability of the us to convince the iraqi government to allow them full immunity for their troops the iraqis simply stop negotiating and the u.s. was forced to pull out of their troops and of the pentagon paid mercenaries or contractors something that they certainly do not want to do in afghanistan but if they cannot reach some agreement with karzai they're going to have no choice than to have to pull out after twenty fourteen which will be a very different position than the official position for now or what the united states what's interesting to watch you will see how the fall the phil as a ben as from the institute for policy studies they are giving us an inside on
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what's happening in afghanistan thank you for. the g. eight talks in northern ireland where they expected to dominated by the syria conflict in their final press conference of world leaders agreed to work towards peace talks to end the civil war but surprisingly stop short of demanding present as side to leave artie's playboy carets up the summit. the final outcome hailed a success in the deadlock over syria yet for some of the summits participants it was a better experience than for the elders it had been billed as a game of seven against one of the final joint statement made by all the leaders at the summit about syria perhaps an indication that russia's stance isn't that easy to ignore the focal point of the outcome of peace conference to bring together both sides of the syrian conflict and get them around the negotiating table as soon as possible but what that joint statement didn't include was
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a call for bashar al assad to step down something that david cameron and barack obama have been very vocal about neither was there mention of the so-called red line that barack obama has talked of last week when he claimed that the u.s. had evidence about the syrian government's use of chemical weapons and that they had made the decision to arm the syrian opposition however what did become clear that russia isn't the only country that isn't convinced by the usas claims that the syrian government have used chemical weapons putin said that all the g eight leaders want to see more proof as well the russian leader also reiterated that russia's arms shipments to syria that have caused so much concern in the west are entirely legal we provide supplies in line with a fictional contract to the legitimate government of president assad when the possible weapons supplies to syrian rebels by european countries the british people
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recently witnessed an outrageous tragedy when a soldier was butchered in broad daylight in the streets of london many in the syrian opposition not all of them of course criminals like the ones that conducted the violent killing do europeans want to supply arms to do these people what will happen to these weapons. and you could end up back in europe that's why we call on our partners to think twice before they took this extremely dangerous step at the same time on another edge of the result david cameron had a few quick questions to answer about why the leaders final statement didn't contain any of his usual anti assad rhetoric what we don't want to happen. is for the regime to go in for chaos to follow that is what happened in iraq and no one wants to repeat one thing that everyone agrees on is that the only way to solve the syrian crisis is through diplomacy and peace talks but that's exactly
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what this is being talks about more talks and with her day for geneva two pencilled into the calendar leaders leaving law her and might well be wondering what exactly they've achieved probably boy care r c northern ireland. meanwhile a video has emerged on the web allegedly showing young people training to be part of the syrian rebel force the footage which is how to verify or apparently shows teenagers at the college we leave for our youth camp receiving weapons and ammunition and trained fire guns for the camp could be part of al qaida or at least shows a union between the syrian rebels and the terrorist group the young anti asad fighters can also be seen as thinking that they turn to the world trade center into rubble when they would be honored to be called terrorists right let's get more on this from john laughland who is joining us live right now mr loveland if real what does
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this video say about a young generation growing up in the midst of civil. well tells us that the syrian opposition contains a large number of islamic radicals but that's nothing new we've known that for a long time and we've had videos like this before as well i remember seeing last year a video of a young boy getting a syrian army soldier the man had his eyes blind folded his hands tied around his neck and this young person who can't have been. more than about total thirty years old was hacking his head off with a with a machete so we've seen things like this before and i don't think there's any doubt certainly there's no doubt in the mainstream western media that the islamist element in the syrian opposition is predominant and there was a report about this only yesterday writers in the guardian has been running
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articles about this for months so he confirms what we know about the syrian opposition which that which is that it is principally islamist and much of it terrorist the u.s. has approved of the supply of direct to military aid to the syrian opposition and the e.u. has the ended its arms embargo to syria how does that change the situation on the the ground. well the arms haven't arrived yet from the air in union and there's still a small lesson mark over whether or not they will ever come and the americans haven't moved yet either but if they do start to arm then of course it's obvious what the outcome will be and how the situation will be approached on the ground there will be more fighting the rebels will be encouraged by the shipments of new arms there will be obviously the encouragement that comes from political support are well and the fighting will increase so this decision which is no a month old but which has as i say yet to be put into operation to arm the rebels this decision is the equivalent of throwing paschal on onto
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a fire it will only make things worse and i'm frankly absolutely astonished that the g. eight countries the western countries should continue to take this position in northern ireland at their g eight summit in northern ireland why didn't they look around them why didn't they ask the people in ireland and in northern ireland how they managed to achieve peace after having had thirty years of what was effectively a low level civil war the answer is that they were encouraged by the international community by britain and by america by other interested parties to sort out their problems themselves. are institutes held an event at the united nations in geneva last week and we had as one of our speakers a nobel peace prize winner from northern ireland she made this point very clearly she said that the northern irish people had sorted it out for themselves and that's the message which the g eight people at the g eight countries the west and jay countries should be making in northern ireland above of almost more than anywhere
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else john laughland they from the institute of democracy and cooperation in their parents just giving us their some food for thought and that the syrian situation we thank you for your time. but in a couple of minutes a look at the wrist self being a professional medical guinea pig coming up. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lang you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. for your experiences in this newsletter which is titled i hold it up it's called the i'm guessing as i write the guinea pig zero direct you know explain the title i write about the history of human experiments and news stories about sometimes abuses and things that go wrong in experiments and so not only did you do the experiment but you're the investigative journalist as well within the industry you can say that keeping them honest keeping them honest because they have to because
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the guinea pigs themselves can't do it and also they all doped up. you know. we are all. going to have to start a good way to gauge just. as a person gets more work done. thank him for the means. so the scientific definition. this is a humane animal trap this is for a fairly small animal like opossum or or or a cat a stray cat and i got it so that i could animal catch .


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